Speaking from the heart

Hello Archistartuppers, Marcus here. As the week draws to a close, we thought we would share our recent and upcoming speaking engagements. We have diverse interests here at BCA, and we get asked to speak at all sorts of events, as evidenced by the selection below.

Last Friday, I was pleased to present at the Retail Design Institute 2013 Conference, organised by the inimitable Annie Harper of Idea Nation and hosted by the good folks at Inlite in Richmond, Melbourne. The topic was speculation and dreaming, and I was very privileged to present alongside good friend and colleague Amanda Henderson of Gloss Creative. I did the speculation bit, which I confess was a little intimidating given the calibre of the audience (!) and Amanda gave the group some wonderful dreams in the form of recent Gloss projects, which are - of course - always dynamite. All went well, and the day overall was a ripping success, with great feedback coming through on the various presentations.

Fast forward to September and John Clark is going to be presenting at two events - the first of which is the Comcare National Conference 2013. John is presenting a paper on the topic of 'Work Design: Designing for Purpose, Performance and Productivity.' This dovetails neatly with the conference theme, 'Better design for prevention, smarter support for recovery'. Closer to the event we will post updates on the presentation and give you the gist of it all.

As if this weren't enough, mere days after the Comcare conference, John is presenting at the Victorian Urban Planning Forum 2013, being organised by Akolade. Check out the conference outline on their website here. John is speaking on the topics of masterplanning and PPP's, and together we will be running a masterplanning workshop with conference attendees.  

So that's what is on the cards for the next couple of months in terms of extracurricular activities, and no doubt more will emerge as we roll along. Stay tuned. That concludes today's update at the end of week two of our little startup - so far so good!