Our home among the app developers

We have said that Baumgart Clark is a different kind of startup, and we are a different kind of architecture business as well. Nothing says this more directly than where we have chosen to make our new home, which is in the OpenHub co-working space set up by clever Melbourne iOS and Android app development studio Jtribe . 

openhub logo.png

Jtribe is run by partners Armin Kroll ad Daniel Bradby, and several years ago they responded to a growing need for co-working spaces in Melbourne, and OpenHub was born. You can learn about co-working here. Today, the OpenHub brings together not only the Jtribe team, but a collection of other independent knowledge workers from fields as diverse as GIS mapping, form design, UX design, graphic design and of course coding. 

Being bricks and mortar architects, as opposed to enterprise or information architects, brings yet another dimension to the OpenHub, and the gang have been very excited to see our drawing boards, brick charts and miscellaneous drafting equipment. Amongst the tech heads, we are a novelty; and indeed, they are a novelty to us. Working with non-designers is liberating, and deeply refreshing. This is to say nothing about the potential for crossover opportunities, a few of which may already be emerging after less than a week in the hub. So if you are curious, drop in and say hello. 13/243 Collins Street Melbourne, enter off Manchester Lane. You will be made welcome.