We have launched!

Hello friends! It's an exciting week for us here at ArchiStartup, as I am pleased to announce that the startup has officially launched with the name Baumgart Clark Architects. This is a new small business providing architectural design services and advice, set up by us - Marcus Baumgart and John A. Clark.  You can find our shiny new business website at baumgartclark.com.au.  

This brings to fruition two weeks of frantic planning - yes, it's only been that long. Just two short weeks ago the business didn't exist, even as a rough concept. We believe that the only way to survive in the current market is to be nimble and super-quick, and in this spirit we have patterned our business on the 'lean startup' methodology, as translated from the technology industry. The methodology wasn't meant for architecture businesses, so we are having to make it up as we go along to some extent, but that just makes it more exciting when we get something right.

Technology is an important part of our story, and web technologies and startups are particularly close to our heart. To pick an example, this website and our business website are both powered by Squarespace, an innovative, lean business with a polished design sensibility, coming out of New York. With Squarespace's products we have been able to go from zero to two fully functional websites in under two weeks. 

So that's us. For a good building, head on over to baumgartclark.com.au. For stories from the front line of setting up a lean new business, visit us here at ArchiStartup regularly, and we will keep you updated on the story as it unfolds. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter: we are @archistartup. Google+ business page to launch shortly.

Exciting times!